Have you been watching the Channel 4 show Katie:My Beautiful Friends?

The entire series has been an example of very powerful film-making. The way the series approaches its subject is exemplary: we’re told stories that are sometimes harrowing, but Katie Piper’s presentation is pitch perfect – she gets to the heart of the story in a realistic way but manages never to come across as sentimental or pious in any way. It is a genuinely remarkable programme, a classic.

Piper’s charity, the Katie Piper foundation, has been set up with a mission concisely stated as Helping people to live with burns and scars – and by making the Channel 4 television programme, she’s undoubtedly done wonders for the cause, and managed to increase awareness with humour and dignity intact.

If you click the C4 link at the start of this post you’ll still be able to catch the show. Highly recommended.

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