A groundbreaking discovery has uncovered that a link exists between taking aspirin daily and preventing cancer.  The study that involved around 200,000 patients discovered that daily doses of aspirin also helped to reduce the risk of death for cancer sufferers by around 37% if taken over a five year period.

Research revealed that if taken daily for over a period of three years, aspirin can reduce the chance of developing cancer by 25% in women and 23% in men.  As well as being a preventative, the biggest discoveries are in those already being treated for cancer.  It was found that taking aspirin for over a period of 6 years helped to prevent the spread of cancer by 55% as significantly reducing the risk of death.

Previous evidence existed regarding the potential benefits of aspirin in preventing a number of types of cancer including ones that affect both the bowel and throat.  More important, is the link showing that it could also prevent a tumour from spreading to other organs, something that often causes death in cancer sufferers.

Aspirin has been known for its ability to prevent other illnesses, including strokes and heart attacks due to its ability to thin the blood preventing blood clots.  The drug has the ability to reduce the effectiveness of platelets in the blood which are a common cause of blood clots; however a potential link also exists between platelets and cancer.  By using aspirin to combat platelets, it is also helping to help prevent cancer and stop it from spreading.

Those using aspirin as a preventative measure for strokes and heart attacks should already be reaping the associated benefits for cancer.  For those considering taking aspirin, just like any medication, it is important to get advice from your doctor or healthcare specialist.

It should be noted that before people start using aspirin daily to combat cancer, more research needs to be conducted around the link.  Aspirin has a number of potential side effects that include kidney disease, internal bleeding, ulcers and tinnitus to name a few.  Natural ways of reducing the possibility of cancer include staying to a healthy body weight, not smoking and controlling the amount of alcohol you have.

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