Drinking large amounts of fruit juice as part of your five-a-day could be doing serious damage to your teeth dentists have warned.  Concerns have been raised for those regularly drinking fruit juices and smoothies in an attempt to get their recommended number of fruit and veg portions.  It has been warned that doing so could be doing serious long-term damage to their teeth.

This is also a serious problem in cases of children being fed large amounts of fruit juice in an attempt to getting the health benefits associated with fruit.  Kathy Harley from the Royal College of Surgeons has warned that half of five year old’s already had signs of wear to their tooth enamel.  She believes this is such a concern that she has been campaigning for schools to provide milk and water instead of fruit juice, which has a high acid content resulting in damage to their teeth.

Fruit juices are very acidic and are capable of causing dental erosion, whereby the acid attacks the surface of the teeth causing irreversible damage.  Fruit juice is good for your health, containing a good range of different vitamins and minerals; however they also contain high levels of natural sugars capable of causing damage to your teeth.

Although the NHS recommends up to one 150ml glass of fruit juice a day as one of your five a day, dentists don’t advise the same level of fruit juice and suggest only having about one glass per week due to the high sugar levels.  Also, drinking more than one glass of fruit juice a day does not count as more than one of your five a day because it doesn’t contain the fibre found in the whole fruit.

To reduce the damage caused it is advised that you drink fruit juice with a meal.  Fruit that has been blended or juiced to create a drink causes the sugars to be released and is actually more harmful to your teeth than normal fruit consumption.

Although tooth decay isn’t as common as it once was because tooth care is taken more seriously in today’s age, dental erosion is a growing problem due to the consumption of highly acid drinks such as fruit juice and fizzy drinks.  If you are worried about these issues for yourself or your children, you might consider looking at dental insurance plans in the hope of being as prepared for future problems as much as possible; of course, making sure you take care of your teeth on a daily basis is the best defense to avoid problems.

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