A university in Cardiff has urged for changes to the dental system and has requested that dentists stark asking about patients drinking habits.  Drinking excessive amounts can lead to mouth cancer and could also cause problems such as oesophagus and larynx cancer.

The paper which was led by Prof Jonathon Shepherd said that dental patients who go for regular check-ups provided a perfect opportunity to identify any issues like the aforementioned.  Binge drinking currently costs the UK economy around £25 billion per year and will only get worse it had been concluded.

The paper which was published in the Royal College of Surgeons’ Dental Journal reported that one in five men are binge drinkers and one in seven women are also.  The paper wanted to see more focus on general health even in such a specific environment such as dentistry.  Many professionals know that dentists can see early tell-tale signs of issues such as cancer.

A recent article release in the Daily Express revealed that AXA PPP carried out a survey with regards to people’s opinions on heart and cancer diagnosis.  This news will surely come as no surprise to patients as they continue their campaign for awareness to all cancers and providing people with plentiful information on this subject.

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