Staff sent out to work abroad may not only feel the pain from toothache but also the expense at which it will cost their pockets.  International companies that send staff to work abroad are seemingly looking at ways in which to save money away from the norm such as pay freezing, removing perks such as a company car or upping offices and saving rent elsewhere.

It now seems that employers are attempting to stop staff benefits such as health insurance.  The unstoppable rise of policies across the globe is forcing companies to trim the levels of cover for staff, say for example they cut a policy in such a way they no longer are applicable for dental health insurance or well-being benefits in order to save the company long term gains.

Mercer, who carried out the survey, stated that the global recession has left many companies questioning the feasibility of health care schemes as part of company benefits schemes.  Even more worrying could be the introduction of having to pay an excess on treatments, much like you would a car insurance scheme, in order to keep money in the company coffers (almost £500 a year in some staff cases).

Of course these changes could prove detrimental to companies as staff may begin to feel they aren’t looked after, especially after being shipped abroad.  Employees may feel that they are no longer valued and may move on to a company who was willing to offer staff benefits better than someone who was looking to save money.

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