There have been a number of dental health surveys carried out in the UK over the past few years, with some very detailed information being made publicly available. In some ways it’s a shame that, outside of the dental profession, most of us will just glance over the occasional headline when the surveys are picked up in part by the media.

Obviously the UK isn’t known for the amount of ‘perfect smiles’ that are synonymous with suntanned Californians you see on television shows. But on the whole the UK has come a long way over the years, and with advances in dentistry and better awareness of  dental health, the outlook is getting brighter all the time.

Looking through the more recent surveys – one fact is glaring. Namely, that an un-ignorable figure – 1 in 4 – of UK adults say that the cost of dental treatment influences their decision when it comes to what treatment they undertake – or even if they decide to.

While this is a large figure, it’s not entirely surprising. If  you think about how a burst of toothache can lead to a checkup that then could lead to hundreds of pounds’ worth of treatment, it’s no wonder some are reluctant. Maybe what’s required is a concerted awareness campaign showing how not only is the appropriate dental treatment a health essential but also how the costs of routine, restorative and emergency treatments can be lessened by taking out inexpensive dental insurance . This would go a long way in making people aware of the level to which dental health is important, plus show ways of taking the pain out of unexted dental bill expenses.

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