Stress is a word most commonly found to be used in the workplace.  And while most commonly used to expel how they feel when they are behind in work or feeling the heat ever so slightly, many people can handle this and not all stress is necessarily bad for you.

But learning how to unwind from the stresses of day to day life and recognising that it needs to happen.  Many people struggle with stress and require support and in some cases can lead to symptoms of depression.  Group health insurance can be instrumental in helping someone with deal with stress and other mental issues that may arise.

Stress, if left untreated can worsen and can cause extreme anxiety and AXA PPP healthcare have decided to hold a live support group with mental health expert Dr Mark Winwood and will be providing live web support on stress on Thursday the 28th of June.  There is a live chat between 1300 until 1530 and any questions that you have can be answered then.

Social media has a strong role to play in health services and can be a very powerful tool in reaching out to people that have been affected by an illness or can seek comfort talking to others who are in the same position as themselves.  Many services are now available to people and many health groups are quite visible on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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