Some recent research from the States has suggested that the dental health of school age children could be connected to their success in tests and exams. A study carried out by the Ostrow School of Dentistry in Southern California indicates that various forms of oral ill health can actually affect how children perform academically at school in various ways.

About 1500 children took part in the survey – with those who had recently been suffering from tooth pain actually more likley to have lower than average scores. Of course, it stands to reason that if someone is in pain then their concentration is likely to suffer as a result – but this is the first time that academic performance has been studied in relation to dental health. The results of the survey – due to be published soon – could well hold further enlightening data on the subject.

These research findings are all the more reason for people of any age to make sure their dental health is in good condition. It follows that if schoolchildren can suffer academically from under par oral health, then as adults it may be that during times of toothache or other dental problems, we might be less likely to perform our best at work.

It was reported recently that in some cases people are holding off from treatment due to the cost. But teeth being what they are, any treatment held off is likely to end in a situation where even more treatment is needed eventually. getting a dentist insurance plan is of course one way to help cover the cost of unexpected dental work such as fillings and hygiene treatments.

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