Here at Follow Health there are a lot of blogs we like to read, and one of the most interesting ones in the wider area outside of the health and healthcare categories is the Guardian’s Sustainable Business blog.

There was a very interesting article posted on Sustainable Business recently, and we though it would be interesting to share with you here. Based around the new Office for National Statistics’ proposed new set of development indicators, the blog argues that “the links well-being, sustainability and economic prosperity should be central to the government’s thinking” going forward rather than have them as competing agendas.

The article points out, as an example, the connection between a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable one – if we all ate more vegetables and less meat there would be less of a global C)2 impact.

Looking at the links between one area and another – now that we live in an age of almost limitless data collection, storage and retrieval – could well be the thing that provides us with many breakthroughs. In terms of business, well-being for instance already been researched and studies strongly indicate that healthy and engaged work-forces are off sick less often. And as a result of this, the investment in well-being is far outweighed by the positive effect on the bottom line. And when these things become unarguable is when things can really begin to change for the better.

Organisations looking to minimise sickness absence can do so in a number of ways, for instance by using an employee assistance service, providing group medical insurance, or a mix of training and benefits designed to enhance well-being and health within the organisation.

What do you think of the increasing move toward health and well-being within business? Let us know in the comments…

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