Cereal bars. They’re a convenient – and tasty – start to the day, especially for the bleary eyed night owls among us who struggle to make it into the kitchen of a weekday morning, never mind rustle up something as complex as a bowl of cereal. But are they healthy?

Well, according to a new study by consumer magazine Which? – many may not be as healthy as they seem. In fact, of the 30 bars the magazine analysed, they found that only one of them didn’t have a ‘high’ amount of sugar in it. Further, a third of the cereal bars analysed contained high levels of saturated fat.

Quoted in the magazine’s story, the managing director of Which? has this to say: “People often choose cereal bars in the belief they’re healthier than chocolate or biscuits, but our research shows this can be a myth.”

So, it looks like those of us who want to be sure of  a healthy breakfast will either need to take a very close look at labels on our cereal bars to make sure they’re not high in sugar or saturated fat – or maybe consider another breakfast instead.

Maybe a nice bowl of porridge (full of carbs and good source of soluble fibre) with some blueberries sprinkled on top?

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