Savings, life assurance, pensions – are these words that fill you with joy or make you put your hands over your ears?

The answer to that may well be down to what stage of life you’re at. Let’s face it, few of us at 18 are planning far into the future. This is partly because at the age of 18, the world is just opening up to us and the time that stretches out ahead is so abundant as to seem almost unlimited. Oh, how we wish we felt like that when we look back from the vantage point of 50!

Planning for your future is something that you can do on your own – or if you wish, you can obtain the services of an independent financial adviser, who’ll be able to help you navigate your course through your financial life.

According to a new report, the age at which people start to plan for their future is 28 – and this makes a lot of sense, when you think about life stages. Many of us by 28 either have children or are planning on starting a family in the near future, – and this brings a change of perspective as well as a whole new set of responsibilities.

Products such as affordable medical insurance, savings accounts, and life assurance can make all the difference in terms of peace of mind and help set you on a steady financial course as you progress through life.

Whether you’re self employed or work for a large organisation, it’s always worth carrying out a review of your finances so you can see where money can be saved, and avoid paying for things that you no longer require.

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