There are, I imagine, quite a lot of health articles out there about staying healthy over the festive season – after all, it is a time when we’re likely to be under a bit more stress than usual. All the Christmas shopping, for one thing. It’s enough to make even the best of us quake just a little at the thought.

Then on top of the shopping stress there’s all the organising – making sure that everything’s ready at the right time on the big day, getting the place ready for the influx of family, and so on. And even if, like me, you prefer to keep the festive season low key and just spend it with one or two nearest and dearest, it’s still a time when even going to the supermarket can fee like an expedition – what with the weather and the traffic and the queues.

But there is a health upside to this time of year – and this post is intended to focus on the festive positives, so that hopefully we can seek to make the most of them and emerge into the new year calm, happy, healthy … and relaxed!

So without further ado, here’s my list of healthy festive things to focus on:


Low in fat and high in protein, turkey is lean and tasty. Containing less fat and fewer calories than chicken, it may only ever get eaten at Christmas time by most folkds – but that’s a bit of a shame, since this great and versatile meat is also a star in everything from soups to salads and even warming winter curries.


When I was little, I hated sprouts. Then as I got older I just loved them more and more. Like turkey, many of us probably only ever see this healthy little beauties on a festive plate. But over the last four or five years I’ve found myself getting a handful of sprouts every so often in the fruit’n’veg aisle to buy and make into a little side dish – they’re really good with lime and pepper, or as a healthy addition to bubble and squeak.I even stir fry chopped brussels sprouts in various different stir fry dishes.

Boxing Day

The big day went well. And the day that follows it is a great day for relaxing. But before we go home to put our feet up – or maybe even do some meditation, let’s get active – and go on a Boxing day stroll. Or if we’re feeling particularly energetic – a Boxing Day run. The great thing about the holiday season is it gives us plenty of opportunity to get out there and have some fun walking around the (hopefully not rainy) winter scenery.

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