Smokers across the UK are being urged to give up smoking for 28 days from October 1st.  This is the first time an attempt on such a mass scale has been undertaken over such a long period of time.

The attempt is being backed by the Cancer Research Foundation as well as the British Heart Foundation, and hopes that England’s eight million smokers are able to quit successfully in unison.  People who stay smoke free for 28 days are approximately five times more likely to quit smoking than there smoking counterparts.

The research also concluded that “togetherness” could help people pull together and stop smoking altogether.  This will be done through mass media campaigns these have also been proven to have a positive effect on the mass population’s health when such operations are undertaken.  Public health experts have explicitly stated that a combination of hard hitting “why to quit” and “how to quit” messages work the best.

Giving up smoking is extremely difficult.  Cigarettes contain nicotine and its one of the most addictive substances around.  Becoming addicted to cigarettes can take a mere matter of minutes; most people are addicted from the first cigarette and this is where the problem lies – it isn’t particularly tasty now is it?

People who have support are more likely to be able to quit smoking when they have people around them pushing them to stop rather than attempt to try it cold-turkey.  The campaign has been based around mass movement as people are considered “social animals” and are more likely to do or try something if another person does it.

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