Jen Jones writes on business healthcare and workplace well being for a number of websites. Today, she is posting for us on the topic of healthy eating at work

How long do you spend at work each week?

The answer to that question will obviously vary – but in most jobs I’ve had the working hours have been between about 37 and 40 hours Monday to Friday. And that’s a lot of the week – a big chunk of time.

So, what do we do with all that time? The answer to that one, perhaps,  isn’t quite as simple as it might first appear. We work. But we also do alot at the same time as working. For instance if my job involves sitting at a computer and working with, say, info on a spreadsheet, I’m doing more than just clicking a mouse and tapping a keyboard. I’m also sitting in a certain position. So, right there is an opportunity to help my well being. Am I adopting the S shape?  Am I relaxed and breathing comfortably?

In addition to things like posture and stress management, an area of the working day that deserves as much attention as possible is healthy eating. All too often it’s tempting to go for an easy but not so healthy option when we’re busy. It can be almost an autopilot thing to reach for a convenience snack and not even stop to think about the fat levels are whether it’s got any dietary fibre.

There are ways of making sure that most of your working day is a healthy eating zone, though. By planning your lunch options in advance you can vary things by sometimes bringing in a healthy meal for yourself, and also look for cafes and sandwich shops local to the workplace that offer healthy low fat options.

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