For me it’s quite a pleasant place – clean and calm and slightly minty smelling. Of course, I may be lucky in that when I was younger I had a very good dentist – the kind of dentist who really made you feel at ease when you were in the chair and getting some often quit uncomfortable work done. I particularly remember needing to  get the nerves removed from my front teeth and not really enjoying that very much at all. I think I was about ten years old.

But when you have a health professional such as a dentist who is able to explain what the procedure is going to involve, and the reasons for it – then it makes the whole thing a hundred times easier. And despite suffering some not great tooth related experiences in my childhood – such as breaking my front teeth really badly – I have zero dental fear, a situation for which I am glad indeed.

The waiting room’s never the most fun place to be, though is it? Waiting never is fun, But one thing that’s always made me smile is the selection of reading material on offer in the dental surgery. If you have a uk dental insurance plan – or whether you’re paying your dentists bills as you go, you may too have a similar fascination with the magazines. Some of them are new glossy ones about dentistry – others may be devoted to a range of interests from  golf to cooking. But you find yourself having a read regardless …

Although the magazine era may be coming to an end – with the news recently that these humble paper periodicals could be carriers of infection – and may even one day be banned from the waiting room.

Do you think this could be a health measure too far, or is it fair enough? Let us know in the comments :)

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