Health cover is something that is often in the health news pages but unless you’re interested in the health news as a whole  it’s perhaps something that you don’t read that much about. Which is a shame as there is a lot of interesting stuff going on within private healthcare – and a good many things about it that many of us perhaps aren’t yet aware of – like the fact that health cover can be flexible, inexpensive and tailored to suit the purchaser’s requirements – and pocket.

So it’s good to see Health Insurance magazine’s Market Intelligence Report hit the (virtual) shelves – this annual snapshot of the industry is a very useful summary of what’s been happening during the year.

If you’re interested in international health cover there are some interesting points in the report – did you know, for instance that there are 5 million UK nationals living abroad? That’s almost the population of Scotland – and a lot of people with an interest in international PMI, too. And not only that, there are 40 countries that have a population of over 10,000 UK nationals.

As the world becomes more connected, the more it seems that global health issues and local ones will become less distinct. And as medical tourism continues to grow, it’s likely that different countries will become known for being especially good in particular areas – the UK has an excellent reputation generally.

There’s also some interesting stuff in the report about occupational health and how spending on this is still viewed as ‘discretionary’.

2013 promises to be an interesting year not just in health care but in all sorts of ways. Will we finally start to move clear of the now half-decade-old downturn? No predictions here – but we live in hope.

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