For many of us, novovirus was probably little more than just a word until the winter of 2012/13. Undoubtedly most of us knew what the word meant – and had an idea of the symptoms of this virus. But somehow this year it’s been almost ubiquitous. If it wasn’t a realtion suffering from it then you’d overhear co-workers talking about it, or at the very least, Facebook acquaintances giving an insight into this admittedly pretty awful illness. In fact, I was reading a story just yesterday completely unrelated to health (it was Jonathan Ross talking about the surprise return of David Bowie with a new song and album to follow) and there it was again – more novovirus. Apparently Ross’s entire family were struck down with it.

So why has this virus become so, well … viral this year? Apparently it’s all down to it being a new variant. And due to fewer people being immune, the further it spreads.

More on this story (plus an interesting video) on the Beeb’s health pages. Click here for the video and story.

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