Many of us think about healthy eating when we’re buying our lunch or making it at home. But, then there are also many of us who never really give it much thought. Then in addition there are likely to be more than a few of us who sometimes make sure lunch is as nutritious as possible, then some other times we’ll just grab a hot pie and a can of fizz.

Lunch is important for the following reasons:

  • it’s one of our square meals
  • it needs to contain energy to see us through until our evening meal, which could be a good few hours away
  • a good lunch can leave us feeling refreshed and energised, and ready to tackle the rest of the day

Instead of always defining healthy eating as ‘what’s good for us’, sometimes it’s good to take a step back, and view it more as a case of how our diet is balanced.

Take, for instance, a lunch of tuna and wholegrain rice salad. Sure, there’s an awful lot in there that’s god for us – the tuna is packed with protein, and the brown rice has complex carbohydrates for energy plus b- vitamins. Plus the goodness in the salad – vitamins plus fibre in the tomatoes. It really is all good. But one of the best features of a meal like this is that it doesn’t contain any of the things that we need to keep to a minimum – it has (or should have!) no

  • refined sugar
  • saturated fat
  • added salt
  • additives

So, beyond eating a balanced diet that includes as wide a range of fruit and vegetables as possible, maybe it’s a good idea to focus on avoiding the baddies – too much salt, refined/ added sugar, and saturated fats.

So, for lunch that can mean plenty of tasty meals that don’t sacrifice nutritional value for convenience.

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