There must very be few among us who enjoy a trip to the dentist. Maybe those lucky types who are well into adulthood and still filling-free, whose only trips to the dentist involve a quick check up followed by an all-clear. Lucky them! I don’t know how typical my dental story is but it’s been filled with incident – front teeth lost in a sports injury aged 10, when they were still very new and had a serrated edge, porcelain caps put in, and then all the various fillings over the years – and even an extraction or two.

Luckily I don’t have an ounce of dental phobia myself – even despite one extraction that was, shall we say, slightly traumatic and ended up with me suffering from mild shock for the rest of the day. But I can totally see why for some people the dentist is a challenge. The smells, noises and sometimes uncomfortable injections aren’t things we’d choose to experience unless it was doing us some good. But difficult dental experiences can make the dental surgery a place some people really don’t like to go.

There’s some great advice on the internet about overcoming dental anxiety – from NHS Choices to Web MD, you can find out all about how to ease your fear and get the treatment you need. A lot of it seems to be down to trust and familiarity. Something simple like choosing a practitioner you trust and can communicate with makes all the difference.And of course there are also practices that specialise in treating people who have anxiety, ensuring that the patient feels as comfortable as possible.

Of course despite my lack of dental anxiety one thing that does cause me a bit of consternation is the cost of treatment. A check up can quickly lead to hundreds of pounds of treatment – meaning that the extra money you had set aside for, say, buying a tablet computer now has to go on your mouth so you’re able to eat things that are less soft than porridge. This is an area that’s easily fixed though – if you take out a cover plan from a dental insurance UK provider, then you’ve got the reassurance that you’re covered for fillings and suchlike.

Have you experienced dental phobia and been able to overcome it? If so, why not tell us your story in the comments – we’d love to hear from you.

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