Many of us work in an office environment. And those of us who do will know just what it’s like to spend the majority of the working day sitting in the same position, and looking at the same two screens all that time. In fact, if you’re an office worker you have probably given ‘deskercise’ a  go at some point, even if it’s just stretching exercises. And of course there’s the lunchtime stroll as well, a bit of valuable activity in the day.

If you’re watching your weight, the workplace can provide its challenges – for instance if your workplace doesn’t have a canteen then you either have to bring in your own healthy lunch or find something nearby the office – which can be more difficult than it seems sometimes – especially when there’s an array of less healthy types of food so readily available and giving off an inviting aroma as you walk past!

So it comes as really no surprise that recent research findings by the Co-op tell a story of the office being a place where weight gain is becoming a bit of a challenge. In fact, over half – 60% to be exact – of the British office workers surveyed felt that they could do with losing some weight. The Co-op’s Diet and Health manager, believes that boredom, plus the temptation towards unhealthy snacks meant people were less likely to be able to stuck to a healthy diet during working hours.

Some workplaces have a health and wellbeing policy which could include the promotion of healthy eating among staff as well as other health benefits like free or reduced price gym access, or a group health insurance scheme.

Interestingly, an incredible 74% of workers admitted to consuming “far more” than they would at home.

Do you eat more at work than elsewhere? let us know in the comments.

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