Many thousands of people in the UK like to live alone and many don’t feel the need to surround themselves with masses of people in order to feel comfortable.  Of course living alone has its perks, walking around in your underwear for one, but new research has suggested that isolation and feeling lonely may put you at risk of declining functionally or could even lead to a premature death.

As ridiculous as this may sound, living (or working), alone carries a certain amount of danger.  If a workmate or family member weren’t around, then of course they wouldn’t be able to help should a medical or unsafe situation arise. And obviously this could have serious consequences depending on what the medical condition or injury situation was.

A group of scientists once famously put themselves to the task of working out the extent to which this proposition is true. They did this in a test which looked at a group of patients who were all diagnosed with a condition called atherothrombosis.

Patients with this condition were more likely to die within four years living alone than those who had people residing with them, and this was by a margin of around 5 per cent.  On a larger scale it has also been indicated in health studies that people with heart ailments who have people around them benefit from the company.

And in the case of self employed people, there is the fact that if the sole trader is off work due to illness, then there are no other staff to cover, by nature of that particular business format.  Many companies provide health cover for staff and it’s worth checking this out if you’re running a sole trader type business.  Group health insurance companies who provide business cover also have policies for those who are self-employed.  This means that getting back to work after an illness can be a quicker process as with health cover you’re able to avoid waiting lists for treatment.

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