I don’t know why I remember this so clearly, but when I was at primary school there was (rightly) a very strong focus on dental health:

They showed us pictures of the unpleasant eventualities that can befall those who neglect their dental health.

They told us the story of the kid who brushed his teeth so much that they lost their enamel (a story which to this day has me writhing with discomfort and screwing up my face when I think about it!)

And they also did loads of other educational stuff such as having us experiment with disclosure tablets to show us just how widespread plaque can be even when we think our teeth are quite clean. Plus, they also made sure we had a fluoride mouthwash every so often. They were “bubblegum” flavoured, always just the wrong kind of lukewarm,  and really rather unpleasant!

But it’s all good – it meant that as an adult I’ve constantly been mindful of the fact that my teeth need a bit of TLC. My dental regime is now more or less this:

Regular brushing – twice a day. With a dentist recommended electric toothbrush. Flossing, daily. Antibacterial, alcohol-free mouthwash. Check.

On top of the dental health routine it’s also important to get regular check ups – and in order to help with the cost of bills it’s also worth looking at dental insurance – which can be purchased easily and can be pretty inexpensive. Of course, there are different levels of cover so you can choose which one best suits your budget and your requirements.

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