Dental health is all too often seen as being distinct from other types of health. There are a lot of promotions out there encouraging us to eat 5 a day or to take up swimming or running – and we all know that healthy eating and exercise have far reaching health benefits.

But maybe we should also be looking at the important place oral hygiene and good dental health has in the wider view of things – dental health might be more important than just keeping the mouth health for two main reasons:

The first reason is that there’s often a link reported between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. There’s no conclusive evidence yet as to why this might be the case. It could be that those who neglect their dental health are also more likely to neglect other areas of wellbeing and as a result are more likely to be those who are at risk. But regardless of what causes this link, it’s important to remember that good dental health is an integral part of any health and wellbeing regimen.

Reason number two for good dental health is that studies have also shown that people with what they feel are ‘bad teeth’ in a lot of cases also cite it as a reason for feeling down or depressed. The cosmetic aspect of having healthy, cared for teeth may in fact be more than just cosmetic – it could well be that it’s a sign of self-esteem. Having good teeth could also be something that makes people more likely to feel self-worth in much the same way as dressing well or having their hair looking the way they want it.

Ways to make sure your mouth’s health is all it can be include getting regular check ups and also ensuring peace of mind by taking out a dental plan so that if the unexpected happens the financial support is there.

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