One of the most interesting internet resources for anyone with more than a passing interest in healthcare is The Guardian’s Healthcare Network. Essentially it’s aimed at people who work within the healthcare field but you don’t need to be consultant neurosurgeon or a nurse manager to learn a lot on these pages. Also, given that it’s written for healthcare professionals, it means that the kind of things that it covers are a little bit more varied and in-depth than the more general healthcare coverage that you’d find in the wellbeing/ lifestyle or health news pages.

This week, there’s a fascinating article entitled “Happier, more engaged NHS staff lead to better patient care” – which says that, essentially, it’s the engaged employee that provides the best in terms of results. This is of course true regardless of the industry people work in – and it’s the reason why (rightly) employee satisfaction and engagement, plus workplace wellbeing, are such oft-repeated phrases within the world of HR.

Interesting article – well worth a read.

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