Those of us who are long in the tooth – and whose memories are on the long side, too – may remember the days when people could smoke more or less freely during the working day. Okay, so you couldn’t light up at your desk (those days were before my time) but you could go to the smoking room when the urge took you.

Then when smoking was banned in offices, you’d see little pockets of smokers outside in the rain – it never looked like much fun, being one of them.

To someone of the 1940s or 50s, the idea of a smoke-free workplace would seem very strange indeed. You only have to watch old films to see that people more or less worked in an environment that today would look like a fug.

The workplace has moved on massively in terms of health and fitness since then, of course. There are new and innovative health insurance products available  as well as on-site gyms, healthy options at the canteen, workplace well-being policies and so on.

So, when No Smoking Day rolls around each year, there will no doubt be more and more businesses spreading the word. And as smaller numbers of folk smoke these days, hopefully the message will have added weight given that so many others now live and work smoke free even after having been hooked for a while themselves.

if you’re looking for more info on going smoke free, check out the No Smoking Day link above, and also have a look at the NHS choices site, which has a lot of info for people thinking about quitting. And as with anything in life, it always pays to gather a bit of knowledge before putting your no-smoking plan into action. A cigarette habit can often be challenging to overcome – but it’s still only just a habit after all, and one that millions of people have managed to stub out permanently.

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