A diet medication than can suppress your hunger and slash your caloric intake by 13% might be on the market in just a couple of years.

Outcomes from the initial checks on individual volunteers demonstrated they consumed less meals following just one dosage of the medication — eliminating typically 200 calories from a large meal. And since the therapy includes a pair of hormones which occur naturally within the body, which lower blood sugar and behave as appetite suppressants, the medication doesn’t have side effects.

Scientists have suggested a once – weekly jab it might be used eventually, even though the medicine is presently provided as an infusion.

Initially it could be accessible through a doctor’s prescription for heavy individuals vulnerable to diabetes, as it improves insulin release in addition to assisting with fat loss.

The research group, directed by Professor Blossom of Imperial University, London, believes it’ll be widely available by 2020. Their results will be offered during the Society for Endocrinology’s yearly meeting in Harrogate this week.

Professor Bloom explained the medication is a ‘really substantial improvement on similar solutions’.

He added: ‘We are designed to consume more in the summertime to cope with starvation of cold weather, however this is now done throughout the year.

‘We need to reset our desire to eat and this test gave better outcomes than we’d anticipated.’

The hormones used by the combined therapy are glucagon and glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP 1) – key components in regulating blood sugar.

GLP – 1 functions within the brain to decrease desire and induces the release of insulin to lower blood sugar levels.

Testing carried out on animals has previously given encouraging results, however the new research is the first to test the therapy on individuals.

Despite its remarkable results, Professor Bloom needs the medication to be ‘affordable’ at around £3,000 annually before it reaches the wider market.

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