How many people leave the UK each year to go and live abroad?

The answer to that question is not something that’s immediately clear. According to one news article on the subject, around 350,000 emigrants left the UK in the year up to June 2012. Now, that is a lot of people – in act it’s more than the population of the city of Aberdeen. However, other reports put the figure lower, at around 140,000.

One further report in the Telegraph has this to say:

“Office for National Statistics figures obtained by [the MP] Mr de Bois show that in the ten years to 2011, a total of 3,599,000 people permanently left the UK.”

So it looks like the higher figure may well be the one to go with. In terms of the scale of emigrations, what this means is that, far from being a rare and isolated life choice, it’s something that – despite being a big life decision – is still a popular and not uncommon move, for a variety of reasons.

Living abroad brings challenges with it, and obviously when we go abroad we make sure we get all the necessary injections and whatnot, we often pay less attention to mental health. If you’re moving abroad on an international assignment, the firm you work for may provide an employee assistance program, and these often provide counseling services for those who feel they need the extra support. There are also companies that provide expat counseling. It’s really not uncommon for people to feel isolated and sometimes a bit helpless at times when having made the move and become an expatriate. We’re only human, after all.

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