Some recent research commissioned by the mental health charity Mind – full story here – has some interesting things to say about how workplace stress is affecting people in general.

With over 2,000 respondents, this survey gives a snapshot of the things that are causing people to experience stress, and it works out as follows:

34 percent of respondents reported that their work was ‘either quite or very stressful’ which was a greater proportion than those who reported financial problems or health problems as a cause of stress.

There is increasing workplace health focus on making sure staff are as happy and healthy as possible, with Mind offering webinars and resources to help HR professionals tackle the problem and to promote mentally healthy workplaces.

Of course, a mentally healthy workplace can only do so much, which means that as individuals we should also find out as much as we can about staying mentally healthy and looking at ways to minimise stress in our lives. As is often stated, stress in itself isn’t an illness in itself, but can lead to illness if it’s not tackled properly – and unhealthy coping mechanisms such as smoking, drinking and overeating can put as at risk of health problems.

Luckily there are some extremely useful and informative web resources out there if you’re looking to find out more on this topic – the Mind site has a lot of info on stress management, and the NHS Choices Moodzone pages also give some good advice on the reduction and management of stress.

With hospital admissions due to stress reaching a record high last year, let’s hope that with the increasing awareness of the problem, as well as substantive measures to minimise it, we’ll hopefully see the figures go back down and that the stress epidemic will start to ebb.

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