Electronic cigarettes have been in the media an awful lot over the past couple of years with some outrageous claims from the tabloids that have mostly been shown to be false. In January 2015 the New England Journal of Medicine published a paper which was titled “Hidden Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols” which seamed to show that e-cigs produced over 10 times the amount of formaldehyde as a regular tobacco cigarette. This was soon shown to be false when peer reviewed but the article is still live on their site as well as the headlines that hit the UK media being stuck in peoples heads.
Now, I am myself an avid vaper and it appalls me that the media and such a well respected journal can get it so wrong. They are not only publishing lies but they are playing with the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people. To put this is perspective, I saw one of my close friends the other day who I had not seen for a while and I pulled out my vaping device and his exact words to me were “I was going to give vaping a go but I heard they are ten times worse for you than smoking so I didn’t bother!” now this guy smokes a good 30 – 40 cigarettes every single day and he was going to give e-cigs a go but he did not because of the absolute nonsense that he read in the paper. So there is one example of a death sentence handed out by the media and the so-called science community, a person was ready to quit smoking lethal tobacco and give vaping a go but was stopped because of the “propaganda” he had heard.
My point here is that as a society we need to be very careful, especially people that work in the media to make sure the information that is handed out to the public is 100% accurate before being made available.
Now this brings me on to today’s news which has been welcomed by electronic cigarette and e-liquid users up and down the UK. In the report by Public Health England it states that in all aspects of vaping, e-cigs are 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Now this comes as no shock what-so-ever to me as I have been following the industry and medical research for a while now and all the (legitimate) studies have shown exactly the same thing. This does however mark a great moment in medical history where the public are being made aware of the true health benefits of giving up smoking by using e-cigarettes.
With the TPD (tobacco products directive) coming into effect in May 2016 this study may help sway the European government’s decision when the TPD is challenged in court later on this year. All in all this is amazing news for electronic cigarette users up and down the country and a great day for public health.

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